Church Ministry Institute

Ryan Sandulak


Welcome to the website of the Church Ministry Institute (CMI).

Statement of Purpose

The Church Ministry Institute is an interdenominational ministry, dedicated to the advancement and preservation of a positive employment relationship between the local Christian church and its pastor.

The Ministry of CMI

The Church Ministry Institute consists of publications and services intended to help both pastors, and the local churches that hire them, achieve maximum ministry effectiveness. This is accomplished by the promulgation of a new theology of ministry called the Synergistic Church. The practical application of this new theology, for both pastor and church, is called the Synergistic System of Church Growth.


I invite you to investigate the contents of this website. My hope is that the work of the Church Ministry Institute may be of some small assistance to both pastors, and local churches, that are looking for a wholly new way to be in biblical service to each other.

Ryan Sandulak
President, CMI
Master of Christian Education
Master of Biblical Counselling