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Church Ministry Employment Manual

CMI - Employment Management

The Church Ministry Employment Manual is a book designed to provide a positive relationship between the local church and its professional pastor. This Manual comes in four sections. The first section is titled, “Church Growth in Theory and Practise”. This section deals with the introduction and application of the Synergistic System in the local church, and more particularly of the pastor’s primary roles and functioning in it. The second section is titled, “Employment Solutions for Church and Pastor”. This section provides a number of management tools and strategies to establish and maintain a positive employment relationship between the local church and pastor. The third section is titled, “Connecting Pastors and Churches”. This section provides practical insight into how to select the right pastor, how to avoid common misconceptions when hiring a pastor, and what the church needs to do to maintain maximum ministry effectiveness during the hiring process in the absence of a pastor. Finally, the fourth section is titled, “Managing Pastor-Church Conflict”. This section provides the biblical wisdom and protocols necessary to insure maximum probity, mutual accountability, and the exercise of fairness towards the positive resolution of conflicts between the local church and pastor.

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