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Pastor's Ministry Review

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The Pastor’s Ministry Review is performed by the Church Ministry Institute as a service to the churches. The PMR is a professional development tool for the growing church, and the growing pastor. The PMR consists of four main parts in five chapters. Chapter 1 titled, “The Problem of Pastoral Development”, outlines some of the obstacles local churches face in the professional development of their pastor. Chapters 2 and 3 titled, “The Pastor as True Professional” and the “Pastor as Church Equipper”, outline the two fundamental assumptions of the PMR, as they are related to the Synergistic System of Church Growth. Chapters 4 and 5 titled, “The Synergistic System of Church Growth” and “The Perichoretic System of Church Growth” provide the theological framework upon which the Review is based.  And Chapter 6 titled, “The Pastor’s Ministry Review” is the presentation of the program in its entirety.

Sample Chapter on PDF for free download: