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The Local Church in the Image of God

The Synergistic Church represents a wholly new theological discovery. The core idea of the Synergistic Church is that the corporate local church is made in the corporate image of God. In the same way the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, make up the One Being of God, so also do Church Leadership, the Pastorate and the General Congregation, respectively, make up the One Body of the local church. This is because both the One Being of God and the One Body of the local church are made up of “Persons”, who are in mutual and reciprocal relationship to each other. It is this three-way reciprocal relationship between the Three Ministry Groups in the One Body, which is the basis for our understanding of what the local church is, and how it functions.

The Synergistic System of Church Growth

The implications of this new theology for the local church, and its pastor, are significant. The Synergistic Church provides a completely new paradigm for understanding the proper role and function of the professional pastor in the local church. CMI has applied this new knowledge to three critical areas of pastor-church relations. These three areas are: 1) the pastor and church growth, 2) the effective employment management of the pastor, and 3) the professional development of the pastor. The remaining pages of this website feature the publications and services offered by CMI to address these important issues.